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Jason Todd eats whole chillies with a stupid smug grin on his face while his brothers watch in horror.

Cass Cain coming up behind her squirming, horrified brothers, and grabbing like, three chillies for herself to eat at once.  Then just raising both eyebrows at her younger brother.

Thus begins the most ill-advised competition between Bat sibs ever.

Oh my god, she absolutely would, too.

She’d probably win, but Jason would hold out for a very long time before finally admitting defeat.

The real competition, though, is the race to the fridge for the last jug of milk afterwards…

Damian tries to steal it, because you two deserve to suffer for being so foolish and silly.  Tim throws a used dish towel over Damian’s head and steals the milk jug back to give to Cass.

Jason goes for the unguarded freezer and gets his half-gallon box of Neapolitan ice cream.  Ha ha, jerks.

Dick is laughing too hard to intervene despite Damian’s demands that he do so.


Oh god, and then Bruce comes in when the kitchen is in chaos and Cass is just drinking milk straight out of the jug and Jason’s just spooning neopolitan out with like a fucking ladle and everyone just stares at each other for a moment.

Cass: … we’re out of milk.

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This is true beauty

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"Look Jay, it was important to me that you …." he looked at him "That this…" he gestured to the manor grounds "not change how you see me." taking a deep breath he grabbed the flask from Jason and took a swig before handing it back. "That you still…" he wrinkled his nose as he thought of the words he wanted to use "Still are my bro ya know?" he moved a hand through his hair light catching his earring "that ya still want me to go to your place with your brothers on Friday, and not treat me any differently then ya have been." he looked away. "That’s happened before ya know,…people just get…weird, didn’t want that to happen with us…"

Jason looked at Dick with a horrified look on his face as he spoke. “My gods… you’ve gotten emotional.” He teased and took his flask back, taking a big swig. “I should have packed something stronger in this.” That would have helped with Dick being… emotional. Yea he was not drunk enough for that. “You’re still my roommate, now pipe down and stop calling me Jay. You can’t call me Jay.” Jason had made that a point every time someone called him Jay. Only family was allowed to call him that. 

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Jason raised an eyebrow as Blue went to sniff him. Definitely not something he was used to. And with the smell of his dogs on him… Wonderful. “That old place.” Jason turned a corner, remembering exactly where it was. 

" Yeah, it was already in my name." Gabby shrugged. 

"Makes sense." Jason said as he starting racing off towards it. He needed no directions… he’d visited once or twice after coming back from the dead… hoping he’d find her there. Even spent a night on her bed hoping to catch her. 

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Jason laughed as he pictured a nice cookie turning into corn syrup in someone’s mouth. “Or when a cookie looks fantastic and then tastes like mass production.” Clearly Jason was a big fan of home made, or local bakery cookies. There was always something for that handmade cookie. 

"Oreos are decent. But I know a bakery that does a mean apple gingerbread." His mouth salivating just remembering it. Jason held the door open for M’gann as they left the sushi spot. "Blue 4. Clearly the work of an evil genius." 

"I hate that the most. It’s really why beside Oreos I make my own cookies. I just have a soft spot for Oreos. So does my Uncle. I really don’t understand it, but hey there are worse things right?" Really it was almost a family thing. There was just a strong love for Oreos. She didn’t understand, but she loved her chocos.

"Oh that sounds simply divine, I would love to try that one day." She smiled as she stepped through the door. "Oh yes, must be an evil mastermind, wanting to rule the tri-county area. If only there was an agent who could stop him or her." She fake a dramatic worry. "Oh what ever shall we do" She fake swooned, before breaking out into giggles.

"I’ll bring ya back a few if I ever go home…" Jason paused. "Well I’ll try not to eat them all. I might bring you back crumbs." Seriously he would have to make an effort not to eat them himself. 

Jason laughed as M’gann fake swooned over her Blue 4 villain. “Didn’t know ya were so weak in the knees there.” He teased as they walked towards his bike. “You might have to be careful.” 

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Jason raised an eyebrow at Dick because they both knew he kept his shit clean… Well not messy. He tossed his bag at the end of his bed, and threw his jacket onto his desk. But… eh. “I didn’t say ya stink. I said I could recognize your scent in a crowd.” Jason tapped his nose as he spoke. Dick’s smell was something he was around all the time, and recognized easily now. Not a bad thing. “You didn’t warn me you’d turn into a hater.” he stretched out a bit “seems like we gotta both acknowledge that we’re the same people we were when we left campus.” he nudged Jason’s shoulder. “You’ve got my back and I got yours, right?” 

"Thought I was always an ass." he gazed at the other man suddenly feeling a bit out of sorts. This day was fucking weird. "Oh and what do I smell like than?" he shook his head "ad you didn’t warn me you’d turn into a hate, just let’s both …

"Ya smell like flowers, a splash of vodka, and annoying sense of hope." Jason said before taking another hit and pulling out his flask from the inside of his jacket pocket. He rolled his eyes at Dick calling him a hater. He was allowed to mumble. And it wasn’t hate… culture shock was more like it. 

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"What did you do?" Jason raised his eyebrow. 

"I’m not sure, more than five at least." Tim rubbed his temples. He couldn’t be entirely sure after all.

Jason smirked at his phone after the picture had loaded. “Well there’s at least one down.” 

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Well…that’s good to know.”

He shoved his phone back in his pocket, trying to contain the smirk on his face. “Try not to sound relieved.” 

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Raven nodded her head, a bit dumbfounded that she had run smack dab exactly into who she was supposed to be tailing. Though, she hadn’t known it was him from first glance, not until she heard the synthesized tone of his voice. Wait, was that concern? It seemed as though she had almost heard a hint of concern within that tinny voice of his, something that had Raven baffled even further. She knew somewhere deep down that he wasn’t a bad guy, he played the grey area. An area she was very familiar with, nothing in this world could be purely black and white… But for all superhero intents and purposes; he was a villain and she had to take him down.

"I.. Thank you." She murmured, allowing him to give her the push in the direction of the bar before heading there herself. She was aware that Robin was watching her every move. Hell, the whole team was.. They were probably treating it as some movie night and making bets on which bad boy would hit on Raven first. Well, all of them except for Robin, who more than likely had his boxer briefs all bunched up. 

"Could I have a Gatorade… Please? A guy named X told me to tell you it’s on him." She looked at the man, he was built… Too built. It almost looked like he could take anyone down just by sitting on them and when he looked at her quizzically like that, she almost panicked. Did he know who she was? Of course not, he couldn’t know… She looked different.. Spoke different.. Acted different. Though, right now she felt like she was about to pass out due to the overwhelming senses of lust and waves of intoxication crashing into her.

"Here you go, girlie. I’m sure he’ll come looking for you after his meetin’. What’s your name, princess?" The man questioned, suddenly looking for some sort of conversation with the girl. 

"Rachel." She responded looking up at him with her bright blue eyes. "Do you know what this meeting is about?" Raven inquired, wondering if her new friend would give her any answers… Or maybe just tell her when he’d be coming back.

"You’ll have to ask him yourself, princess." The man responded with a shrug.

X had been racking up some favors around town… and around the world actually. Besides actually money, favors were the best currency… actually sometimes it was better than actual money. Just being in the game meant getting people to owe you favors… but getting too many favors might indicate that you were about to pull something big… “I can assure you, I’m not casting any stones.” X said finally, hating the weight of the room and all the eyes on him.

The man in the dark black suit narrowed his eyes at X. Unsettling to say the least. “You better not be.” He paused, his eyes looking at X for any sign of fear. “I just got things the way that I like it.” The man’s voice shifted to a lighter tone as he stood up. Although the threat was there, and X knew it too well.

"The last thing I’d want to do is upset you." X said with a bow as the man left the room. X’s private room felt so tense and heavy even after the man left. No fun. X opened the door and took a deep breath of the lively atmosphere the club always had. Much better. He snaked his way over to the bar, needing a drink to shake the lingering feeling he was being watched with a disapproving eye. "I need one." X said to the barkeep as he took his usual seat at the bar. 

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